The Meaning of Gemstones

For centuries, people have believed that gemstones can aid in healing and meditation. Many believed that certain gemstones such as garnet or jet could bring abundance and prosperity into their lives. While none of these attributes are actually proven, many people believe in the power of gemstones to this day.

All of the gemstone jewelry at Blue Dasher Crafts is handmade with intention and purpose. Each bracelet is designed to bring a specific desire into one’s life such as prosperity, abundance, protection or harmony, or to enhance psychic and intuitive abilities. Although we don’t guarantee that a bracelet or pair of earrings will change your life, it may help you focus on making the changes yourself.

Amber & Garnet ABundance & Protection Bracelet

The Meaning of Gemstones

AGATE: Because there are so many varieties of agate, the element and ruler change based on the stone color. In general, agate strengthens the mind and brings clarity of thought, bestows courage, helps someone find the truth and guards against danger. It also is said to help with emotional balance and can give the wearer a boost of energy when needed.

AMBER: A fire elemental also associated with Akasha, Amber is ruled by the sun and offers protection, healing, strength, luck and love. It also promotes business success and stimulates the flow of money to the user. Amber is a very soothing stone and can help alleviate anxiety and help prevent headaches.

AMETHYST: A water elemental ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, amethyst is well-known for its ability to heal. It also offers protection and promotes happiness and love. It helps to alleviate headaches, especially migraines and prevents insomnia by dispelling tension and stress. It can also help improve creativity and amplify psychic intuitions. When worn on the left wrist it enables the wearer to foresee. Placed under a pillow, it acts as a dream catcher while promoting pleasant dreams.

AQUAMARINE: Although blue, Aquamarine is associated with the fire sign Aries, presumably because it is the birthstone for March. However it is a water element associated with Pisces and ruled by the moon. Aquamarine helps to clear the mind, sharpen intuition and stimulates creativity, while balancing the emotions. It can also help alleviate fear and doubt. It is the perfect stone for meditation because it has a calming effect on the wearer and strengthens personal power. When carried or worn it protects from accidents and attracts wealth and prosperity.

AVENTURINE: Ruled by Mercury, Aventurine is considered a stone of good fortune and luck. While it will draw money and prosperity to the wearer it will also draw opportunities. It is also a protective stone that can help improve self-esteem and relieve anxiety.

BAYONG WOOD: Like all woods, bayong wood beads represent the earth element and therefore help to keep the wearer grounded.

BLOODSTONE: A fire elemental ruled by Mars, bloodstone is a type of jasper and a potent gemstone. It increases strength, bestows protection and offers healing (especially of the blood). It grants success in legal matters, but only if you are in the right and your intentions are honest. Bloodstone is also said to prevent people from lying to you when worn or carried. If you don’t want to be noticed, bloodstone can help you become “invisible.” It also calms fears and alleviates anger. Bloodstone can also promote success, especially in business matters.

Sun Catcher Power & Prosperity BraceletCARNELIAN: A fire elemental with the Sun as its ruling planet, Carnelian offers protection, courage and healing. It was worn by the Egyptians to quiet anger, envy, hate and jealousy. Carnelian is also said to alleviate depression. When worn or carried, Carnelian also prevents others from reading your thoughts and dark forces from influencing your mind. Red Carnelian helps alleviate negative emotions and clears the fourth chakra.

CITRINE: A fire elemental ruled by the Sun, citrine is worn for protection and to alleviate fear. It can also facilitate psychic awareness and intuition. It attracts prosperity of all kinds can improve self-esteem and clarity of thought.

FLUORITE: An air elemental ruled by Mercury, Fluorite is known as the genius stone. It helps to focus the mind and improve concentration. It’s perfect for meditation or study. When worn, it can help ground excess energy, specifically nervous energy. It can also help the wearer understand more abstract concepts and help achieve harmony with the universe.

GARNET: A fire elemental with Mars as its ruling planet, Garnet offers healing, protection and strength. Over 500 years ago, garnet was thought to ward off night phantoms and demons. When given as a gift, garnet is said to grant affection and loyalty, but if the stone loses its luster, beware of approaching danger or disaster.

HEMATITE: Associated with the planet Mars and the God of War, it is most commonly attributed to Aries, a fire element. It can be worn to help prevent tension and stress as well as headaches. Hematite is well known for its ability to repel negativity and it can also help you focus on past lives.

JADE: A water elemental ruled by the planet Venus, Jade offers protection during travels, guarding against accidents and promotes prosperity and wealth. It also has healing properties and can attract love. When placed in a car, it prevents accidents, breakdowns and other car trouble. When worn it makes the wearer open to receiving wisdom, strengthen mental faculties and helps reasoning.

JASPER, BROWN: Brown Jasper is an earth elemental with Saturn as its ruling planet. It is a centering and grounding stone used to keep the wearer firmly based in reality. It is also a potent healer for the entire body and stabilizes emotions and moods.

JASPER, MOTTLED: Mottled Jasper is an air elemental ruled by Mercury that protects as well as grounds. It is also said to prevent hallucinations and drive away evil spirits. Mottled jasper also offer healing and has the ability to clear the mind and promote rational thinking.

Jasper & Red Carnelian Dragonfly Transcendence Bracelet

JET: This gem isn’t so much a stone as a piece of wood that has fossilized. It is a beautiful stone associated with the earth element, the planet Saturn and the Astrological sign of Capricorn. It is well-known as a healing stone for those who suffer migraine and other headaches. It also keeps negativity and depression at bay. When worn with rose quartz, Jet can attract wealth, love and abundance.

LAPIS LAZULI: A water elemental ruled by Venus, Lapis lazuli was used for thousands of years by the Egyptians to paint their faces, especially the eyelids. It bestows fidelity, protection, psychic abilities, courage and love. This stone improves mental clarity and balances emotions doing so by simply by touching the skin. It helps to relieve tension and anxiety and can help one overcome depression. It helps in treating painful menstruation, and menopause while helping in the healing process after a hysterectomy.

MALACHITE: An earth elemental ruled by Venus, malachite is a protective stone that also attracts money and wealth. It also promotes business success and guards against negativity and physical danger when worn. When placed in your wallet, it is said to prevent you from spending money.

Malachite & Aventurine Money Bracelet

MOONSTONE: A water elemental ruled by the moon, moonstone is typically worn to improve psychic intuition and bring love into one’s life. It also helps to ensure that your sleep is restful and is often placed under the pillow or worn to bed for this purpose. Moonstone is said to help the wearer lose weight by helping to alleviate cravings and improving the willpower to resist temptation.

ONYX: A fire elemental with Mars and Saturn as its rulers, Onyx is well-known for its protective qualities. It can also be used to gain self-control and balance the emotions. Black onyx is worn or carried to deflect and destroy negative energy. It can also transmute negative energy before the wearer can be affected by them.

RHODONITE: A fire elemental ruled by Mars, rhodonite prevents confusion and promotes peace. It alleviates doubt, confusion, and incoherency and promotes calmness in the mind of the wearer. It enhances self-esteem and confidence while boosting energy levels and alleviating anxiety.

ROSE QUARTZ: An earth elemental ruled by Venus, rose quartz is well-known as the stone of love. While it can help one attract love, it also helps to alleviate anxiety and stress while balancing emotions. It can help clear out residual anger, fear, guilt, jealousy and resentment. It can also help prevent headaches.

Rose Quartz & Amethyst Clear Mind Bracelet

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN: A fire elemental ruled by Saturn, snowflake obsidian is a potent grounding and protective stone that also helps dispel negative energy. It also helps the wearer know if someone is lying to them.

TIGER’S EYE: A fire elemental with the Sun as its ruling planet, Tiger’s eye is well-known for its protective qualities. It also attracts money and wealth while promoting confidence and courage. It also softens stubbornness and balances the emotions giving the wearer clear insights. It can also enhance psychic abilities.

TURQUOISE: An earth elemental with Venus and Neptune as its ruling planets, Turquoise offers protection, courage, love, friendship, healing and luck. It also draws money and abundance. When worn, Turquoise promotes courage, attracts new friends and good fortune. When given as a gift, it offers happiness and wealth to the receiver.


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