Blue Dasher Crafts New Year’s Goals for 2015

I purchased this planner from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler and I LOVE it!
I purchased this planner from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler and I LOVE it!

I love New Year’s. I get to set new goals, and I get to put my planner together for the year, which is my favorite part. I love picking out new printables and putting together the book that will keep me organized for the year.

This year I put my 2015 planner together with my 2015 blogging planner as well as my 2015 Blue Dasher Crafts planner. I really need to think about getting a bigger binder, things are a bit tight in my favorite pink one!

While I put my planner together, I think about what I want to accomplish during the upcoming year. I came up with quite a few goals for 2015. Here’s what I’m planning for Blue Dasher Crafts this year. Continue reading “Blue Dasher Crafts New Year’s Goals for 2015”

A Few Changes…

You may have noticed that the blog has been undergoing a few changes recently. I’ve given up on being a “mommy blogger.” It’s just not me, and I can’t be something I’m not. But I am still blogging about fitness and homeschooling. Those are things I really enjoy writing about, so those two blogs will be around for awhile.

I have not given up on my dream of being an entrepreneur. I’m still freelancing as a writer, and of course, I still write articles on Hubpages. But recently, I’ve been doing a lot of crocheting. I love to crochet. It’s a very relaxing hobby, and it’s portable! I can take it with me to work and crochet during lunch. I can crochet while I’m watching The Walking Dead on TV. Although, during the mid season 5 finale, I was glued to the TV and crying at the end, so there was no crocheting!

I also enjoy making jewelry and have found many of my patients asking me about my earrings and bracelets since I wear them to work. So I decided to try the Etsy shop again.

I started it back in 2013 and never really did anything with it. But now, it’s getting my full attention. Well, most of my attention anyway. I finally decided on a name: Blue Dasher Crafts. The name comes from my favorite little dragonfly the Blue Dasher (see how I snuck my dragonfly obsession in there?).

blue dasher dragonfly

This blog is now going to be the heart and soul of Blue Dasher Crafts. I’ll be sharing a behind the scenes look at how items in my shop are made and where the inspiration came for new items that are added. But I’ll also be writing about my life as an entrepreneur. There’s some funny stories there, trust me!

I thought a lot about what I wanted my shop to be. What sets Blue Dasher Crafts apart from many of the other stores on Etsy is that all of our crocheted items are completely vegan. We only use 100% organic cotton, recycled cotton or acrylic yarn. We never use anything that has been made from animal. As most of you know, I have a gigantic soft spot for animals, and that is what drove me to offer a line of handmade gifts and accessories that are cruelty free.

We also use recycled packaging for shipping our products. It’s nothing fancy, but it is earth-friendly! We offer “fancier” packaging for those who want to order their items as a gift. I just have to find fancier recycled gift packaging!

I’m excited about this new venture, and more importantly, I enjoy the work! I also feel like I’m doing something for the environment while not harming any animals to make my products. It’s a good feeling.

We’re constantly adding new products, so check back often to see what’s new. You can also find all of my photography in the Etsy shop available for instant download. Enjoy!

What products would you like to see at Blue Dasher Crafts? Tell us in the comments below!

For the Love of Crochet

I’m a creative person at heart. I love photography, scrapbooking, crocheting and making jewelry in my spare time among other crafts. I find it calming and relaxing, and my life has been pretty stressful lately. The more stressful life is, the more I seem to be drawn to crafting.

Over the years I’ve collected quite a few finished (and even more unfinished) projects, so I decided to open a shop on Etsy. I called it Blue Dasher Crafts after my favorite dragonfly, the Blue Dasher. This month (November 2014) I’m holding a Grand Opening sale to celebrate! Use code BDCNOV to get 20 percent off your order before November 30, 2014. Don’t forget, we happily accept custom orders!

Blue Dasher Crafts

Recently, I’ve been getting back to crocheting. I taught myself how to crochet shortly after my car accident in 1999, and I’ve been crocheting ever since, albeit sporadically. It’s probably my favorite hobby out of all of them (and there are several!), most likely because I can take my crochet projects just about anywhere. My latest project is a crochet baby blanket that I’m making to sell in the Etsy shop.

Puffed Hearts Crochet Baby Blanket
My latest project: the Puffed Hearts Crochet Baby Blanket

Continue reading “For the Love of Crochet”

A Statement of Accomplishment

On Thursday, I received an email stating that the Certificate of Completion for my Medical Neuroscience class was available. I was so excited, I immediately clicked the link and downloaded the pdf file. After staring at it for a few minutes, I decided to print it.

It sat on my desk for about 24 hours before I decided what I wanted to do with it. Instead of keeping it safe in a page protector and putting it in my Medical Neuroscience notebook, I decided to frame it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have an extra frame laying around, and since I didn’t have the funds (or a car!) to go out and buy one, I repurposed one that was holding an inspirational word collage.

I wasn’t happy about losing the word collage because like I said, it was inspirational, but I thought in the end, this Certificate of Completion was really a statement of accomplishment and provided more inspiration than the collage ever could. I proceeded to clean the glass, which was filthy (how does the glass of a picture frame get dirty on the inside?), and then put the certificate in the frame. I hung it on the wall above my white board, which sits right next to my desk so that I can look up and remind myself that I took a class from Duke University’s medical school and not only passed, but just missed with distinction by 9.7 points. Pretty inspirational don’t you think? Continue reading “A Statement of Accomplishment”

The Bestest Blog Planner Ever!

As most of you know, I’m obsessed with organizing. In fact, I’ve rearranged my desk twice this week alone. And I’m always on the look out for a blog planner. Not that I’m not happy with what I have, it’s just seems like it’s just not quite right.

I got a blog post update email the other day, from one of my favorite blogs: Confessions of a Homeschooler. In this post, Erica disclosed that she had made a colorful blog planner in addition to her other floral planners. I already used some of the pages in her floral planner, but I needed something a bit simpler. Don’t get me wrong her floral planners are gorgeous. But the layout wasn’t what I really needed.

So I was ecstatic when I got this email, and even more so when I got to her site and saw the new planner!

Although it doesn’t have everything I would like in a blog planner, it has still become the main source for all my blogging pages. I do supplement with another planner I found (created by Jolanthe at Home School Creations) that has a biweekly page that I find has more room for planning daily posts, and thankfully the colors actually compliment each other pretty well. Erica’s new planner just looks awesome with my colorful dividers! 😀

The best part is that it actually matches my weekly to-do planner page that I got from I Heart Organizing! It’s awesome! The only thing that would be better would be if Erica and Jen created a blog planner together. Oh that would be heaven!

Okay, so I’m sure you’re all wondering what it looks like right? Thought so, I’ll stop teasing you now. Here are a few shots from my rearranged blog planner: Continue reading “The Bestest Blog Planner Ever!”

Things You Miss When Your “In the Zone”

So, on Monday, I was being super productive and was totally in the zone just writing my little heart out. I must have been writing for at least 7 hours straight, only taking a break to walk the dog, take a few pictures, which admittedly took about 30 minutes, and check on Fumbles. I didn’t even break for lunch! I ate and wrote.

As I said on Monday, I’ve been extremely productive lately, and I’m taking advantage of it! I don’t know why, but I actually feel like writing. Since we got that check in the mail, I’ve been thinking that the universe is trying to give me what I want: a chance to make this WAHM thing actually work.

And I have realized, I really, really, want this to work.

There’s just one problem with being that “in the zone.”

You’re oblivious to just about everything.

I was actually pretty aware of what was going on inside the house. But the crazy shit that was happening outside, and across the street I completely blocked that out!

Here’s what happened.

Our landlord came over while I was happily writing away, so I went to wake up Greg (it was his biphasic nap time) so that he could deal with him and I could keep writing.

About 30 minutes later, Greg comes back in and says:

Greg: “Did you know there are three cop cars and a domestic disturbance going on across the street?”

Me: “Do what now?”

Greg: “There are three sheriff’s cars across the street, one of the people peeled out of the driveway and ripped up D—-‘s driveway, and there was a ton of yelling going on. You didn’t see any of that? It just happened?!” (name bleeped for anonymity).

Me: “What???”

I looked up from the keyboard and sure enough there were three cops across the street. So I grabbed the camera…




(Sorry, the pics are so bad, I was trying to be incognito.) Ya, so I still have no idea what actually happened over there, but I really need to be a bit more conscious of what’s going on outside. Especially considering my desk sits right in front of the bay window.

The View From My Desk


I guess in the grand scheme of things, the fact that I was oblivious means I’m not a nosy neighbor, but if something dangerous was going on across the street, I’d never know. There’s two sides to that coin.

But I have to say, being in the zone and getting that much work done was way more exciting than what was going on with the rednecks across the street!! 😀

My Daily Routine – The ADHD Version

I participated in a chat yesterday hosted specifically for women with ADHD. I met some really cool people, and even made a friend!

One of the questions that women were asking was about how everyone managed to get everything done in a day, like chores, work, kids etc. You know, the usual superwoman stuff.

I found it interesting that this question came up because of the recent series I’ve been hosting every Sunday: Life as a WAHM. One of the major topics of this series is the daily routine. In fact, Janine Huldie just did a post this month about her daily routine, which I found extremely enlightening.

But, I haven’t talked about my daily routine.

Since I do have ADHD, my daily routine is a bit… squirrely… I’ve found the only way to get things done is to have an actual routine. Solid does not necessarily mean scheduled, I have yet to add that much structure to my routine. I’m very much a creature of habit, and if my routine is disturbed, I find it very difficult to control my squirrely tendencies.

When I first became a SAHM, I fell into a fairly organized routine, which, over time, I modified and made more efficient. My routine continues to evolve, and I have found that with the ADHD, I have to go with the flow to a certain extent, especially where cleaning is concerned.

My To-Do List

Right now, my routine looks something like this:

  • Get up, clean dishes, tidy up the kitchen
  • Make tea, workout, shower
  • Breakfast
  • Look over to – do list and weekly goals
  • Preview lesson plan for the day’s homeschooling lessons
  • Check email
  • Check stats (Hubpages, blogs)
  • Log in to Facebook and Twitter and check messages and pages
  • Open up Word, and start work on the article I’m currently writing
  • Make more tea
  • Start Sam’s homeschooling lessons
  • Lunch
  • Work on blog posts
  • Continue Sam’s homeschooling lessons
  • Feed cats (all 6) and the dog
  • Clean litter boxes
  • Miscellaneous chores for the day (this can range from planting our container garden, which we’re in the process of doing, to listing items on ebay and vacuuming, etc).
  • Make more tea
  • Finish Sam’s homeschooling lessons
  • Dinner
  • Article writing, blogging
  • Social media stuff
  • Make more tea
  • Clean the kitchen of the dinner dishes etc.
  • Crafting time
  • Bed
  • Writing time
  • Bed

I should mention that we’re on a biphasic sleep schedule, which is why there are no times listed. It’s also why there are two bedtimes. We sleep twice: once for 4.5 hours and once for 1.5 hours. This gives us an extra two hours during our day, which I typically spend writing. I confess, however, that the majority of the two hours is spent surfing the web… my ADHD really kicks in when I have two solid hours of quiet time!

Biphasic Sleep Schedule
Our biphasic sleep schedule. Greg is blue, and I’m pink. These colored areas show our 4.5 and 1.5 hour blocks of sleep (the green is because Wednesday is trash day, which alters our sleep schedule by an hour.)

All this is about to change. We’ll be staying on the biphasic sleep schedule, but I’m going to devise a schedule to structure both my work time and my family time. I need to give myself time limits, and to do that I need to structure the routine more, and have set time periods for each activity. I’m hoping this will also curb my tendency to procrastinate.

So there you have it, my daily routine. I mentioned that I do have to kind of go with the flow, like when I’m cleaning? I have room-to-room syndrome. I’ll pick something up that has a home in another room, and I’ll have to put it in that room right away. Inevitably, I end up doing the same thing in the next room. But I do come back to the original room in the end. I usually go in a big circle. That’s how I use it to my advantage. I know I’m going to do it anyway, so why not do it efficiently?

I’m thinking about starting a new page on this blog – ADHD Tips. Since both my husband and I have ADHD as well as our daughter, I’m going to share all the tips and tricks I use to get through my day. 😀

Until tomorrow!