Life in a Mobile Home

The term mobile home usually conjures up images of stereotypical “trailer park trash” similar to Joy Turner in My Name is Earl. In fact, we watched the four season series twice before we moved into our mobile home just to get into the spirit!

My Nme is Earl

When we were looking for a home, we realized we’d never get our credit cleaned up in time to get a decent mortgage before we had to get out of the rental we were in (we only had 3 months); so we looked for a different solution such as other rentals, for sale by owner etc. Although living in a mobile home was never on the table, mainly because of the whole “trailer” stigma.

But when you’re desperate, you make choices you wouldn’t normally make, and sometimes they lead to changes in your perceptions of life.

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Before and After Shots of Our Cleaning Frenzy


Ya right… But we’re much more organized than we were previously!! We have gotten rid of so much crap, it’s not even funny.

We seriously were contenders for the show Hoarders.

I love that show!

Do you know how good it feels to get rid of crap that you no longer need, use, or even want? OMG! It’s really a wonder I could write anything at all as cluttered as it was in here!

We got rid of so much stuff that I was able to shampoo the carpets! (We have 5 cats… that’s a big deal).

We do still have a bunch of crap to go through, like the junk in our bedroom closet, Greg’s desk (don’t even get me started), and the pile of “trash” on our living room wall needs to be sorted through again just to be sure we didn’t miss anything to donate, or throw out.

As for our inspection… I was worried for absolutely no reason. See this is the problem with text messaging. Things can easily be misconstrued because there’s no voice inflections, etc. That goes for anything written, which is why really good writers are so hard to find. It’s hard to convey the tone of voice in which you’re writing (“speaking”) and text messages are no different. This inspection thing is the perfect example of that.

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Getting Organized Series: Clearing the Clutter

I was supposed to write a post about my car today, that Julie DeNeen inspired by her post yesterday.

But with the impending inspection coming up, we’ve been cleaning the hell out of the house.

I’m so tired…

While we’re cleaning, we’re also going through our stuff and getting rid of the junk. I still really want to be a minimalist. We started this process yesterday, ironically on April Fool’s day. We have several boxes, garbage bags and a porch full of all the junk we’re throwing out.

Our trash-filled front porch.
Our trash-filled front porch.


That’s not even all of it. Most of this stuff is from the shed. Plus there’s a bunch of furniture on the porch that we want to throw out. Our Waste Management company doesn’t offer the dumpster service out here, so we’re not sure how we’re going to get rid of all of it. But we have to before Friday. Continue reading “Getting Organized Series: Clearing the Clutter”

Pain Tolerance

We Can Only Tolerate So Much
Frits Ahlefeldt PD, via Public Domain Pictures

I was answering a comment on the Facing the Monster post I wrote recently, and I had this brilliant thought that I wanted to share with everyone.

We all have our limits. Humans are inherently finite. There’s only so much we can do, so much we can take. We all have a tolerance to pain, whether it is physical, emotional, or even spiritual pain and everyone’s tolerance level is different.

An easy way to understand tolerance is to think about pharmaceuticals. Eventually, the patient will build a tolerance to the medication they’re taking. The best example I can give is a painkiller. After taking a painkiller such as Vicodin (hydrocodone) for a long period of time, your body will need a higher dosage to get the same effect that you initially had when you first started the medication. This is known as tolerance, and it has the same definition for pain as it does for pharmaceuticals. Continue reading “Pain Tolerance”