I’m a Kid in a Candy Shop!

I love tax season. Granted, I probably wouldn’t if I owed the IRS, but (knock on wood) that hasn’t happened yet. Every year I file as soon as I get my W2. This year, the IRS started processing returns on January 20th. I filed on the 19th.

I got my refund on Friday, WOOHOO!!!

My first purchase was a new lens for my camera that I’ve been drooling over for the past year. If your new to the blog, you probably don’t know that I’m absolutely in love with my camera. It’s a Nikon D5100, and it was the best money I’ve ever spent.

I love to photograph nature, dragonflies specifically. I don’t know why, but I’m obsessed with getting the clearest images of these little guys that I can, and my camera is amazing, even with the stock lens. But I had to get within inches of the little guys to get close enough images (it’s a 55mm lens). Not all dragonflies are cooperative enough to let me get that close, especially the rare ones. You know, the ones I really want to get shots of like the huge darners that never land.

The lens I finally purchased is a 55mm – 300mm lens, which means I can be four feet away from my dragonflies and still get those incredibly close shots that I want. I received the lens yesterday and of course went right out to play with it.

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A Few Changes…

You may have noticed that the blog has been undergoing a few changes recently. I’ve given up on being a “mommy blogger.” It’s just not me, and I can’t be something I’m not. But I am still blogging about fitness and homeschooling. Those are things I really enjoy writing about, so those two blogs will be around for awhile.

I have not given up on my dream of being an entrepreneur. I’m still freelancing as a writer, and of course, I still write articles on Hubpages. But recently, I’ve been doing a lot of crocheting. I love to crochet. It’s a very relaxing hobby, and it’s portable! I can take it with me to work and crochet during lunch. I can crochet while I’m watching The Walking Dead on TV. Although, during the mid season 5 finale, I was glued to the TV and crying at the end, so there was no crocheting!

I also enjoy making jewelry and have found many of my patients asking me about my earrings and bracelets since I wear them to work. So I decided to try the Etsy shop again.

I started it back in 2013 and never really did anything with it. But now, it’s getting my full attention. Well, most of my attention anyway. I finally decided on a name: Blue Dasher Crafts. The name comes from my favorite little dragonfly the Blue Dasher (see how I snuck my dragonfly obsession in there?).

blue dasher dragonfly

This blog is now going to be the heart and soul of Blue Dasher Crafts. I’ll be sharing a behind the scenes look at how items in my shop are made and where the inspiration came for new items that are added. But I’ll also be writing about my life as an entrepreneur. There’s some funny stories there, trust me!

I thought a lot about what I wanted my shop to be. What sets Blue Dasher Crafts apart from many of the other stores on Etsy is that all of our crocheted items are completely vegan. We only use 100% organic cotton, recycled cotton or acrylic yarn. We never use anything that has been made from animal. As most of you know, I have a gigantic soft spot for animals, and that is what drove me to offer a line of handmade gifts and accessories that are cruelty free.

We also use recycled packaging for shipping our products. It’s nothing fancy, but it is earth-friendly! We offer “fancier” packaging for those who want to order their items as a gift. I just have to find fancier recycled gift packaging!

I’m excited about this new venture, and more importantly, I enjoy the work! I also feel like I’m doing something for the environment while not harming any animals to make my products. It’s a good feeling.

We’re constantly adding new products, so check back often to see what’s new. You can also find all of my photography in the Etsy shop available for instant download. Enjoy!

What products would you like to see at Blue Dasher Crafts? Tell us in the comments below!

I’m a Sucker for Animals

I am, I admit it. They give me that sad little “help me” look and my heart crumbles. It’s one of the two main reasons I’m vegan.

My own pets have me wrapped around their little paw. They know exactly how to manipulate me, and they are so good at it.

In the past two days, I’ve rescued five different animals from a plight. Many people may consider these animals inconsequential and not worth rescuing. But I can’t help feeling sorry for any animal that gets trapped, injured or is otherwise unable to help itself.

Yesterday, I rescued a tree frog who made the sad mistake of jumping into my house. With six cats, if I hadn’t caught him, he would have been dead in minutes. Shortly after that, I went out with Sam to chase dragonflies, and Sam found a butterfly that couldn’t fly. He could glide, but I think he was too weak to fly. Here’s the butterfly:

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I’m in Love with Dragonflies…and My Nikon

I’ve always really liked dragonflies. I think they are really pretty. But I’ve never been a fan of insects. In fact, you could say I really hate them.

Well, I used to anyway…

Recently, I joined a group on Facebook from which I’ve been unable to break away. I’m constantly admiring the photos that other people are uploading. I’m also enjoying learning how to identify the various species of this gorgeous insect. For example:

A Female Amber Wing Dragonfly
A Female Amber Wing Dragonfly

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Wonderful Wednesday – Favorite Places

It’s Wednesday again. Oh how I love Wednesday! Today’s theme is:

Favorite Places

I have two favorite places:

My backyard

My backyard is just so beautiful. I go out there just about everyday to take pictures and enjoy nature. We rent the house here, but it still feels like it’s ours. We rented the house in November 2006, and we’ve been here ever since. That view has captured our hearts, and we hope to buy this house eventually. Continue reading “Wonderful Wednesday – Favorite Places”

Wonderful Wednesday – Pets

It’s Wednesday again! That means PHOTOS!!! YAY!!!!

My friend Cyndi, from over at Pictimilitude, has added a theme to her Wordless Wednesday. The themed hump day is called Wonderful Wednesday (love it!), and today’s theme is pets… Awesome.

So here are my pet photos for the day. I took these on Monday, and they are the first really good shots I have of Sekhmet, our puppy!

I love it when they stick their tongue out like that!
I love it when they stick their tongue out like that!
Although she isn't the most patient dog, and really doesn't like to be held, she didn't mind Sam laying on her for this picture.
Although she isn’t the most patient dog, and really doesn’t like to be held, she didn’t mind Sam laying on her for this picture.

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