Life in a Mobile Home

The term mobile home usually conjures up images of stereotypical “trailer park trash” similar to Joy Turner in My Name is Earl. In fact, we watched the four season series twice before we moved into our mobile home just to get into the spirit!

My Nme is Earl

When we were looking for a home, we realized we’d never get our credit cleaned up in time to get a decent mortgage before we had to get out of the rental we were in (we only had 3 months); so we looked for a different solution such as other rentals, for sale by owner etc. Although living in a mobile home was never on the table, mainly because of the whole “trailer” stigma.

But when you’re desperate, you make choices you wouldn’t normally make, and sometimes they lead to changes in your perceptions of life.

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I’m a Sucker for Animals

I am, I admit it. They give me that sad little “help me” look and my heart crumbles. It’s one of the two main reasons I’m vegan.

My own pets have me wrapped around their little paw. They know exactly how to manipulate me, and they are so good at it.

In the past two days, I’ve rescued five different animals from a plight. Many people may consider these animals inconsequential and not worth rescuing. But I can’t help feeling sorry for any animal that gets trapped, injured or is otherwise unable to help itself.

Yesterday, I rescued a tree frog who made the sad mistake of jumping into my house. With six cats, if I hadn’t caught him, he would have been dead in minutes. Shortly after that, I went out with Sam to chase dragonflies, and Sam found a butterfly that couldn’t fly. He could glide, but I think he was too weak to fly. Here’s the butterfly:

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The Doctor – FTSF Blog Hop!

It’s Friday again, and you know what that means! It’s another (cue game show announcer)

Finish the Sentence Friday!

Today’s prompt is: If I could have dinner with anyone in history,  it would be with…

I actually had some trouble with this one. I’m not really a history buff (that’s totally Greg). Every time I’ve been asked this question, I completely draw a blank. Completely.

But then I got creative…

The sentence prompt isn’t specific… it doens’t say “If I could have dinner with any real person in history….”

As the person I chose would say “HA!”

So here ya go:

Drum roll please…


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Greg and Sam Make Gorp!

Aren’t they cute??

What is gorp, your asking? Ya, I didn’t have any idea either. Apparently, it’s trail mix! I had never heard this word before. It’s kind of a funny word too, Gorp… I looked up the word, it means a high energy snack eaten by hikers and climbers. But there was no etymology. Who knows where the word came from!

Greg got a ton of stuff to make this gorp including:

  • Cashews
  • Chocolate covered almonds
  • Pretzels
  • Dried pineapple, cranberries, blueberries and mixed berries
  • M&Ms
  • Coconut shavings
  • Yogurt covered raisins
  • Sunflower seeds

I probably missed a few ingredients, but that’s all I could remember! It’s SOOO tasty though. I really can’t eat it on my diet, it’s really high calorie!

Greg brought all the stuff home, and had Sam help him put everything together. It was so cute watching them work together! Continue reading “Greg and Sam Make Gorp!”

Father’s Day Fiasco

Father’s day was rather interesting. Since I had run out of meds last week, Greg was ever so kind enough to go and pick up my meds at Walgreens (thank the Goddess for my wonderful hubby!). However, the morning started with a bang… well a scream really.

Sam screamed when she saw this:

Oh how I hate these things!
The cocoon?? Sam found.

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Soul Mates – Finish The Sentence Friday

Today’s Finish the Sentence Friday prompt is:

I hit a turning point in my life when…

…I met Greg.

Actually, there have been a number of different turning points in my life. Like when I decided to become pagan, that was a huge turning point for me. I began to feel more balanced, and my beliefs no longer contradicted my spirituality. It was definitely life changing.

My divorce was another turning point. I was freed, free to discover who I was. Again, life changing.

One of my favorite pictures of Greg from before we met in person.
One of my favorite pictures of Greg from before we met in person.

But the real turning point in my life, the one that completely changed me and the path my life was taking, was when I met Greg.

We met on Xbox live playing Rainbow Six 3 (I’m a gamer, I admit it).  Ironically, we had met several times before online. However, it wasn’t until both of us were going through a divorce that we were actually free to explore a friendship. Both (ex) spouses were jealous, and despite having played games many times before, we were not allowed to have any contact.

In October of 2004, we started talking every day via email and MSN messenger. He was living in Minnesota, and I was in Florida. We had so much in common, and not just things like movies, and music (although his taste in music is much more diverse than my own), but things that really matter in a life long partnership. Things like our philosophy on life, and our values. But we had yet to meet in person.

We sent pictures back and forth; Greg even sent me a “care” package in November 2004! It contained a CD of some of his favorite music and pictures of him putting the package together, a long with a few other items including York Peppermint Patties (my favorite candy) and popcorn.

One of the pictures Greg took of him putting together my package.
One of the pictures Greg took of him putting together my package.

We spent hours talking on the phone, and I ended up with a $700 phone bill. We played games via Xbox during our free time. In fact, that’s where you could usually find us if we weren’t glued to the computer or a cell phone.

In December 2004, the much anticipated meeting took place. Greg drove 2,000 miles in 24 hours from Minnesota to Florida, and we hugged (and kissed) for the first time. I’d attempt to describe the feeling, but you can’t describe the indescribable. Most people think I’m crazy for this, but he moved into my apartment that day.

We’ve been together since December 17, 2004. Since then, we’ve moved three times, traveled to and from Minnesota three times, had our daughter, dealt with bitchy ex wife bullshit, and survived numerous financial difficulties. And although we had a few arguments in the beginning, honestly, I can’t tell you the last time we had a quarrel. Sure we disagree at times, but variety is the spice of life.

Why was this a turning point in my life? Because Greg allowed me to grow and become who I was meant to be. He allowed me to explore my spirituality and all of my intellectual pursuits, as well as all of my bazillion hobbies. But what really made this a turning point is that he explored all of these things with me.

We’ve been known to have existential conversations that lasted hours. We have described our memories and thought processes in immense detail in the hopes that both of us would be able to see exactly what the other person sees in their mind’s eye. In doing so, we have given each other an extreme insight into the other person’s mind, and this has not only brought us closer together, but allowed us to explore ourselves in a way that few people ever experience.

Our conversations have allowed both of us to see things from completely different points of view, which has lead to both of us developing a unique understanding of life. I’ve become more confident in who I am as a person, and in just nine short years, I have learned more about myself, and life in general than I learned in the 24 years before we met.

Our relationship is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, and it has changed my life dramatically. I’m a better person because of Greg, and I have realized exactly what my values and goals are for my life right now, and it’s all because of what I have learned from exploring this life with Greg.

Greg and I in Minnesota about a month after he moved in.
Greg and I in Minnesota about a month after he moved in.


The Newest Addition to Our Family

No, I’m not pregnant…. Thank the Goddess.

When I went to the DMV last week, we ended up waiting for two hours. I left with a pounding migraine and a brand new license. Greg left with a pounding headache too. But we decided to take a trip to Walmart to pick a few things, and  as we passed the aquarium section, we though we’d finally get Sam some fish for her fish tank. We have a 10 gallon tank, and had all of the water ready, filter installed along with the rocks and decorations. All we needed were plants and fish.

Since her tank was so small, I only let her get three fish. She got two Malis (a black one and a speckled one) and a Dragonfish. Sam was so excited to pick out names for her fish and get the whole tank set up.

Sam anxiously waiting in line to check out at Walmart
Sam anxiously waiting in line to check out at Walmart


Sam and her new fishies :D
Sam and her new fishies 😀

We knew nothing about the Dragonfish, except that the salesman said they were notorious for trying to get out of the tank.

I thought he was kidding at first, but he was dead serious. I kept wondering why a fish would try to get out of water, but I’m not a fish, and I don’t have a teeny tiny brain, so I gave up trying to figure it out.

We got the fish home, acclimated them to the tank and then finally poured them in. The Dragonfish just kinda hung out at the bottom of the tank, while the other two swam around.

Greg and I decided we all should take a nap, or at least have quiet time because we both still had a headache from waiting in line at the DMV, and it was only getting worse. We told Sam she could take a nap if she wanted to, or quietly play in her room for an hour or so.

Little did I know that hour was going to be a traumatic one. I awoke to the feeling that I needed to get up. I didn’t know why, I just had to get up. Something was wrong. Sam had fallen asleep and said when she woke up she heard a noise and saw something slither and fall behind the dresser. I looked in the tank, and the Dragonfish was nowhere to be found. So, I moved the dresser with Herculean strength (it’s not a cheap particle board dresser it’s oak and full of clothes) and saw the poor fish dead on the floor. Bright pink in color, and my heart sank. I ran to get Greg, he got dressed and came to look at what had happened.

Greg grabbed a card to pick him up and figure out what to do with him, and he said:

“He’s still alive!”

“You’re shitting me?”

Greg threw the Dragonfish back in the tank and that little sucker went swimming around like  a bat outta hell. I don’t know how long he was out of the tank, but it was at least 5-7 minutes, probably longer.

This Dragonfish is awesome.

Several hours later, I went to check on him and found the black Mali had died. Greg fished him out, and I found a small Ziploc bag to put him in and put him in the freezer. We planned on taking him back to Walmart.

The next morning I woke up to find the speckled Mali had died. WTF?

The only fish still alive was the Dragonfish who had tried to commit suicide. Seriously?

Of course anything with Dragon in it’s name has to be fierce in my opinion, but I love dragons!

So for the past few days, Fumbles (we named him Fumbles McStupid after Rodney McKay’s comment in Stargate Atlantis – the “Duet” Episode), has been on suicide watch, and I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can about the Dragonfish.

It’s name is actually the Violet Goby, sometimes called the Dragon Goby. He’s really quite a beautiful fish.

Fumbles, Our Dragon Goby
Fumbles, Our Dragon Goby

He’s a carnivore too! But he’s not an aggressive fish, and he really likes to hide. Unfortunately, we need to get him some sand instead of the rocks he has because they like to bury themselves in the sand, and if they try to do bury themselves in the rocks it can be fatal.

I got him a water heater and a thermometer, so that he can have just the right temperature (he likes 78 degrees).

Honestly, I think I’m more attached to this fish than anyone else. I really like this fish. He’s beautiful and so different. I check on him like every 2 hours to make sure the temperature in the tank is right, and I’m the one who feeds him. But he’s supposed to be Sam’s fish.

She’s forgotten to check on him every time I’ve asked her too, even if I set an alarm!

Poor fishy.

He really is a beautiful fish.
He really is a beautiful fish.

Unfortunately, Sam can’t get anymore fish because Fumbles needs all the room. He really needs to be in a bigger tank, which I’m working on. I’ve been so productive lately, we may actually be able to get it this month!

Both of the fish that died are in our freezer, Greg thinks we need to take them back to Walmart and get our money back. I kind of agree, but it was only $3 and some change. I’m not going to fuss over it.

I’m astounded at the resiliency of this fish. He’s fully recovered from his suicide attempt, and has even gotten somewhat used to the tank. He’s more active during the day now, and I’m actually able to get good pictures of him (I love taking photos of him). He really seems to be thriving in the tank all by himself.

Don’t tell Sam, but he’s secretly my fish… 😀

The Story of “Lady’s Rose”

Lady and I
Lady and I

In 2001, I adopted a dog, part beagle, part lab whose name was Lady, the day before she was to be euthanized.We adopted her as a friend for our little 8lb dog, Dickens. But Dicken’s story is another blog post.

She became the big sister to Dickens. They were inseparable. Dickens’ wasn’t the most tolerant dog, and she’d sometimes argue with Lady, but Lady would argue with her too. Everyone argues. But they were best friends.

Lady became my familiar (spiritual companion) and there was a bond between us that was indescribable. As long as Lady was there, I knew everything was going to be just fine.

Lady was there for me during my divorce, always knowing exactly when I needed a puppy kiss and some cuddling.

She was always happy, and loved to run. Her favorite game was tug-of-war with a squeaky toy. She was a very playful dog. Vocal too.

She was also a  very gentile-natured  and tolerant dog. When we saved two kittens from under a saw grass bush on our property, she tolerated it. She didn’t really like the cats, but you’d catch her cuddling with them on occasion. She may not have liked the cats, but the cats loved her, especially Odin.

The Catalpa Tree Lady is Buried Under
The Catalpa Tree Lady is Buried Under

She wasn’t aggressive, but she’d let you know if she didn’t like what you were doing. I let Lady teach Sam how to be around dogs. I trusted her implicitly. I knew she’d never hurt Sam, but she’d gently let her know not to pull her tail, or hurt her.

Lady was the kind of dog that if she saw Sam getting into something she shouldn’t, she’d make a huge racket and let you know and she’d also try to stop Sam if she sensed danger. She also watched over Sam when she was napping. Surprisingly, when we adopted her, we were told she really disliked kids! But, I know Lady loved Sam.

Things started to go downhill when Lady turned 9. She developed diabetes, and required insulin shots twice a day. She developed cataracts because she was such a brittle diabetic, we couldn’t keep her blood sugar under control. She went blind.

She slowly deteriorated until her kidneys finally shut down. She died in 2010, a year after her diagnosis. She was 10 years old. She died at home, in my arms. I was heartbroken.

We buried her in the backyard under her favorite tree the large leafed Catalpa.

This is only half of the rose bush. The rest of it is actually taller than I am!
This is only half of the rose bush. The rest of it is actually taller than I am!

The day after we buried Lady, I went out to visit her. I found this little plant straight across from her grave near our neighbor’s fence. It was very small, and when I got a closer look, I found it had thorns on it. I had no idea where it came from. The one rose bush we had died during the winter of 2007.

I decided to try and move the plant, so I dug it up at the roots, and replanted it on top of Lady’s grave. It died. About a week later, the plant was back in the same spot it started in!

About a month later, our neighbor decided to mow part of our yard near his fence, and ran over the little plant. It grew back, but winter was coming. We had a freeze, down into the teens, but it didn’t even phase the rose.

This rose bush has been growing ever since.

Lady's Rose
Lady’s Rose

This is why I call it Lady’s Rose. It has endured through several traumas, and is thriving. I think it was Lady’s way of reminding me that everything will always be okay. Even if she’s not here physically, she’ll always be with me spiritually.

It’s ironic that these roses are pink. Pink roses have always been my favorite.

This rose bush has given me some of the most beautiful shots I have ever taken. I have so many pictures of this bush in just about every different kind of lighting and angles. But the water effects have been my favorite.

We Love You Lady!
We Love You Lady!

Lady is sorely missed, but this rose bush serves as a reminder of her, and all the memories she gave us.

We Need a Backhoe

So, I’m sitting on the couch reading some mommy blogging gossip and munching on a box of Kashi Toasted Asiago Snack Crackers that my husband practically demolished earlier this afternoon.

You know how when you get to the bottom of the box, the majority of the crackers are all crumbs, but there are still a few whole ones as well as larger pieces?

I grabbed a few of the whole ones and in between were broken pieces that were slightly bigger than your typical crumb. Instead of eating them over the box like a lady (remember I was reading gossip at the time), I shoveled the whole handful in my mouth in such a way that the slightly larger crumbs would fall in my mouth. My husband happened to look back at the same time, and I froze like a deer in headlights… Continue reading “We Need a Backhoe”