2015 Reading Challenge Book List

I love to read, I just don’t have make the time to do it like I should. One of my goals this year is to read a minimum of 40 books (all of which must be over 100 pages) and make time to read for at least an hour per day. Apparently the “reading challenge” is a popular resolution this tear because even Mark Zuckerberg made it one of his resolutions. He dedicated a whole page to the challenge on Facebook where everyone can read the book he’s reading and discuss it.

Last year I tried to do the reading challenge on GoodReads, but I started way too late in the year and only ended up reading four books. But that’s better than what I’ve done in the past! This year I’m starting early with the challenge and even made up a reading list with 85 books, more than what I plan on reading, but I’m hoping that will inspire me to reach and exceed my 40 book goal. Continue reading “2015 Reading Challenge Book List”