12 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Greg's Blue Eyes

I’m not just the owner of Blue Dasher Crafts, I’m a real person too! There’s a lot more to me than just the business, so this post is all about me. Here are 12 things you probably don’t know about me.


12 Things You Don’t Know About Me

1) I tend to be a rather eccentric individual. I’m more of an introverted loner than an extrovert people person. Although I’m good with people, and can get along with just about anyone, I’m much prefer the solitude of my own home and family. I could very easily become a recluse if I didn’t have to work outside the home or run errands like grocery shopping etc.

2) I love crafting, especially crochet, cross stitch, jewelry making and scrapbooking. Unfortunately, I haven’t scrapped in a couple of years, mainly because I haven’t had the time or the money, so I’m a bit behind. Cross stitch and crochet are my two favorite crafts. I find them very relaxing, and I love watching a piece take shape as I crochet away!

3) I love the eyeball. You probably know this one too because I spent so many years in ophthalmology. But you may not know that the first thing I’ll notice about someone is whether or not they have a muscle deviation (if their eyes are crossed), or any other ocular abnormality. Whenever I look at someone’s eyes, my brain automatically goes into observation mode and I notice things like the “hills and valleys” in their iris muscles, their pupil size, the lenses in their glasses which can tell me if they’re nearsighted or farsighted. It’s an occupational hazard I guess. Oh, and I’m a sucker for blue eyes. Yes, my husband has blue eyes. Continue reading “12 Things You Don’t Know About Me”

2014 Reading Challenge and a Book Review

I love to read. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to pick up a book, let alone open it recently. My plate has been overflowing with stuff going on and I’m lucky I have time to workout in the morning.

But I make time to do that.

I realized I need to make time for things that are important to me, and reading is important. It stimulates the mind and improves vocabulary. It also improves my writing skills. So, it’s something I need to do.

I started out by creating a 2014 Summer Reading Challenge for Sam and I. It was kind of like our own little book club. Although we weren’t reading all of the same books, there were a few young adult novels that we were both reading. One of which was Eden, Dawn: The Chronicles of Paradise by Archer Swift.

I had 33 books on my summer reading list. Sam had about 15. But I wanted to keep reading after the summer, so to keep myself motivated, I joined the 2014 Reading Challenge on GoodReads.

I decided to start with a realistic goal this year since I am starting in June and increase the number next year. I’m going to try to read 40 books by the end of 2014.

I already finished one.

Eden, Dawn: The Chronicles of Paradise Book Review

Eden, Dawn: The Chronicles of Paradise

I started reading this book on June 4th, and finished it on the 10th. Considering I work part time and do freelance writing along with homeschooling and blogging in my spare time, that was pretty quick. If I could have sat there for two days straight to read this book, I would have. It was just that good.

Eden, Dawn is the first book of a trilogy. Eden, Noon will becoming out in October and Eden, Dusk is set to be released in 2015.

I refuse to give away spoilers, but I’ll do my best to give you the gist of the story, which takes place on another planet. Earth has been destroyed and the survivors have made their way to an Earth-like planet they call Eden. I’ll leave the description of the planet to the book since Swift does a wonderful job of painting a picture of this beautiful world.

The survivors have been on this planet for 10 years. Most of them have died. They are divided into clans of no more than 25 people and littered around the planet in an effort to protect themselves from them.

I love how the author refers to the nemesis of the survivors as them. It makes you feel the pure hatred they have for this humanoid alien race, which has killed many of their clan and elder leaders and taken most of their women.

I don’t want to say too much about the Zikalic (the aliens) because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. Learning about the aliens as you read the book is essential to the development of both the characters and the plot.

The book focuses on one character – Ristan Abel. A seventeen year old boy, who becomes a young man over the course of the story. He has lost his parents as well a girl he thought was the love of his life.

Ristan finds himself thrown in the middle of an elaborate plot to destroy the human race that starts with dissension in his own clan. He realizes that one of his own clan members is in cohoots with the youngest of the  elder leaders and then simply by chance finds out that something much more sinister is happening. There are traitors among the survivors.

I have to confess, at one point in the book, I knew what was going to happen before it did, and put the book down. I thought the rest of the story was going to be just as predictable, and I commented about it on Good Reads.

But after about 24 hours of thought, I realized that the author had succeeded in engrossing me in this story up until that point, maybe the rest of the book had a few twists I didn’t anticipate. At the same time, the author contacted me and explained why the part was written that way, which told me I had made the right choice.

I was not disappointed.

Incidentally, if you’d like to read the author’s explanation in his own words, you can read it on his blog here.

The rest of the story unfolds in a way that had me glued to the screen of my kindle for about four hours (during a thunderstorm, which really added to the experience).

This was my first time reading a book in this genre, and I found it because it was recommended as a free book on Amazon through Jungle Deals. But I would have gladly paid for the book because it’s the best I’ve read in a long time. I’m glad I chose it as the first book in my reading challenge.

If you’re interested in reading the book, you can still get it for free on Amazon. If you’d like to know more about Archer Swift you can visit his blog (which I highly recommend). If you’d like to see what else I have on my Summer and 2014 reading list, you can find me on Good Reads.

A Statement of Accomplishment

On Thursday, I received an email stating that the Certificate of Completion for my Medical Neuroscience class was available. I was so excited, I immediately clicked the link and downloaded the pdf file. After staring at it for a few minutes, I decided to print it.

It sat on my desk for about 24 hours before I decided what I wanted to do with it. Instead of keeping it safe in a page protector and putting it in my Medical Neuroscience notebook, I decided to frame it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have an extra frame laying around, and since I didn’t have the funds (or a car!) to go out and buy one, I repurposed one that was holding an inspirational word collage.

I wasn’t happy about losing the word collage because like I said, it was inspirational, but I thought in the end, this Certificate of Completion was really a statement of accomplishment and provided more inspiration than the collage ever could. I proceeded to clean the glass, which was filthy (how does the glass of a picture frame get dirty on the inside?), and then put the certificate in the frame. I hung it on the wall above my white board, which sits right next to my desk so that I can look up and remind myself that I took a class from Duke University’s medical school and not only passed, but just missed with distinction by 9.7 points. Pretty inspirational don’t you think? Continue reading “A Statement of Accomplishment”

The Doctor – FTSF Blog Hop!

It’s Friday again, and you know what that means! It’s another (cue game show announcer)

Finish the Sentence Friday!

Today’s prompt is: If I could have dinner with anyone in history,  it would be with…

I actually had some trouble with this one. I’m not really a history buff (that’s totally Greg). Every time I’ve been asked this question, I completely draw a blank. Completely.

But then I got creative…

The sentence prompt isn’t specific… it doens’t say “If I could have dinner with any real person in history….”

As the person I chose would say “HA!”

So here ya go:

Drum roll please…


If I could have dinner with anyone in history, it would be with: Continue reading “The Doctor – FTSF Blog Hop!”

Greg and Sam Make Gorp!

Aren’t they cute??

What is gorp, your asking? Ya, I didn’t have any idea either. Apparently, it’s trail mix! I had never heard this word before. It’s kind of a funny word too, Gorp… I looked up the word, it means a high energy snack eaten by hikers and climbers. But there was no etymology. Who knows where the word came from!

Greg got a ton of stuff to make this gorp including:

  • Cashews
  • Chocolate covered almonds
  • Pretzels
  • Dried pineapple, cranberries, blueberries and mixed berries
  • M&Ms
  • Coconut shavings
  • Yogurt covered raisins
  • Sunflower seeds

I probably missed a few ingredients, but that’s all I could remember! It’s SOOO tasty though. I really can’t eat it on my diet, it’s really high calorie!

Greg brought all the stuff home, and had Sam help him put everything together. It was so cute watching them work together! Continue reading “Greg and Sam Make Gorp!”

Wonderful Wednesday – Favorite Places

It’s Wednesday again. Oh how I love Wednesday! Today’s theme is:

Favorite Places

I have two favorite places:

My backyard

My backyard is just so beautiful. I go out there just about everyday to take pictures and enjoy nature. We rent the house here, but it still feels like it’s ours. We rented the house in November 2006, and we’ve been here ever since. That view has captured our hearts, and we hope to buy this house eventually. Continue reading “Wonderful Wednesday – Favorite Places”

Father’s Day Fiasco

Father’s day was rather interesting. Since I had run out of meds last week, Greg was ever so kind enough to go and pick up my meds at Walgreens (thank the Goddess for my wonderful hubby!). However, the morning started with a bang… well a scream really.

Sam screamed when she saw this:

Oh how I hate these things!
The cocoon?? Sam found.

Continue reading “Father’s Day Fiasco”

Wonderful Wednesday – Pets

It’s Wednesday again! That means PHOTOS!!! YAY!!!!

My friend Cyndi, from over at Pictimilitude, has added a theme to her Wordless Wednesday. The themed hump day is called Wonderful Wednesday (love it!), and today’s theme is pets… Awesome.

So here are my pet photos for the day. I took these on Monday, and they are the first really good shots I have of Sekhmet, our puppy!

I love it when they stick their tongue out like that!
I love it when they stick their tongue out like that!
Although she isn't the most patient dog, and really doesn't like to be held, she didn't mind Sam laying on her for this picture.
Although she isn’t the most patient dog, and really doesn’t like to be held, she didn’t mind Sam laying on her for this picture.

Continue reading “Wonderful Wednesday – Pets”

The Newest Addition to Our Family

No, I’m not pregnant…. Thank the Goddess.

When I went to the DMV last week, we ended up waiting for two hours. I left with a pounding migraine and a brand new license. Greg left with a pounding headache too. But we decided to take a trip to Walmart to pick a few things, and  as we passed the aquarium section, we though we’d finally get Sam some fish for her fish tank. We have a 10 gallon tank, and had all of the water ready, filter installed along with the rocks and decorations. All we needed were plants and fish.

Since her tank was so small, I only let her get three fish. She got two Malis (a black one and a speckled one) and a Dragonfish. Sam was so excited to pick out names for her fish and get the whole tank set up.

Sam anxiously waiting in line to check out at Walmart
Sam anxiously waiting in line to check out at Walmart


Sam and her new fishies :D
Sam and her new fishies 😀

We knew nothing about the Dragonfish, except that the salesman said they were notorious for trying to get out of the tank.

I thought he was kidding at first, but he was dead serious. I kept wondering why a fish would try to get out of water, but I’m not a fish, and I don’t have a teeny tiny brain, so I gave up trying to figure it out.

We got the fish home, acclimated them to the tank and then finally poured them in. The Dragonfish just kinda hung out at the bottom of the tank, while the other two swam around.

Greg and I decided we all should take a nap, or at least have quiet time because we both still had a headache from waiting in line at the DMV, and it was only getting worse. We told Sam she could take a nap if she wanted to, or quietly play in her room for an hour or so.

Little did I know that hour was going to be a traumatic one. I awoke to the feeling that I needed to get up. I didn’t know why, I just had to get up. Something was wrong. Sam had fallen asleep and said when she woke up she heard a noise and saw something slither and fall behind the dresser. I looked in the tank, and the Dragonfish was nowhere to be found. So, I moved the dresser with Herculean strength (it’s not a cheap particle board dresser it’s oak and full of clothes) and saw the poor fish dead on the floor. Bright pink in color, and my heart sank. I ran to get Greg, he got dressed and came to look at what had happened.

Greg grabbed a card to pick him up and figure out what to do with him, and he said:

“He’s still alive!”

“You’re shitting me?”

Greg threw the Dragonfish back in the tank and that little sucker went swimming around like  a bat outta hell. I don’t know how long he was out of the tank, but it was at least 5-7 minutes, probably longer.

This Dragonfish is awesome.

Several hours later, I went to check on him and found the black Mali had died. Greg fished him out, and I found a small Ziploc bag to put him in and put him in the freezer. We planned on taking him back to Walmart.

The next morning I woke up to find the speckled Mali had died. WTF?

The only fish still alive was the Dragonfish who had tried to commit suicide. Seriously?

Of course anything with Dragon in it’s name has to be fierce in my opinion, but I love dragons!

So for the past few days, Fumbles (we named him Fumbles McStupid after Rodney McKay’s comment in Stargate Atlantis – the “Duet” Episode), has been on suicide watch, and I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can about the Dragonfish.

It’s name is actually the Violet Goby, sometimes called the Dragon Goby. He’s really quite a beautiful fish.

Fumbles, Our Dragon Goby
Fumbles, Our Dragon Goby

He’s a carnivore too! But he’s not an aggressive fish, and he really likes to hide. Unfortunately, we need to get him some sand instead of the rocks he has because they like to bury themselves in the sand, and if they try to do bury themselves in the rocks it can be fatal.

I got him a water heater and a thermometer, so that he can have just the right temperature (he likes 78 degrees).

Honestly, I think I’m more attached to this fish than anyone else. I really like this fish. He’s beautiful and so different. I check on him like every 2 hours to make sure the temperature in the tank is right, and I’m the one who feeds him. But he’s supposed to be Sam’s fish.

She’s forgotten to check on him every time I’ve asked her too, even if I set an alarm!

Poor fishy.

He really is a beautiful fish.
He really is a beautiful fish.

Unfortunately, Sam can’t get anymore fish because Fumbles needs all the room. He really needs to be in a bigger tank, which I’m working on. I’ve been so productive lately, we may actually be able to get it this month!

Both of the fish that died are in our freezer, Greg thinks we need to take them back to Walmart and get our money back. I kind of agree, but it was only $3 and some change. I’m not going to fuss over it.

I’m astounded at the resiliency of this fish. He’s fully recovered from his suicide attempt, and has even gotten somewhat used to the tank. He’s more active during the day now, and I’m actually able to get good pictures of him (I love taking photos of him). He really seems to be thriving in the tank all by himself.

Don’t tell Sam, but he’s secretly my fish… 😀

We Need a Backhoe

So, I’m sitting on the couch reading some mommy blogging gossip and munching on a box of Kashi Toasted Asiago Snack Crackers that my husband practically demolished earlier this afternoon.

You know how when you get to the bottom of the box, the majority of the crackers are all crumbs, but there are still a few whole ones as well as larger pieces?

I grabbed a few of the whole ones and in between were broken pieces that were slightly bigger than your typical crumb. Instead of eating them over the box like a lady (remember I was reading gossip at the time), I shoveled the whole handful in my mouth in such a way that the slightly larger crumbs would fall in my mouth. My husband happened to look back at the same time, and I froze like a deer in headlights… Continue reading “We Need a Backhoe”