Do Burglars Avoid Houses With Dogs?

dog in the houseDogs are said to be the best friend of human being, doesn’t matter whether you love them or not, they won’t turn their backs on you. Most of you may know about so many stories of dogs that helped in many ways. The most common benefit that you can easily find is with the prevention from burglars. The question that remained in hype from a long time is “Do burglars avoid houses with dogs”. Well, it is true that dogs deter burglars for sure and it can be pretty much helpful for people who live in region where thieves are common.

So, the answer is dog help but what’s the proof?

There was a survey done and it included questing former burglars about their experience and do they avoid houses with dogs? Most of them said yes and the common reason is that dog can alert others about thief. Basically, the following answers were given by burglars.

  • When the burglar enters in someone’s home then the dog can sense them if they get any unusual smell or they seems unfamiliar. In such conditions, dogs bark and it is able to alert you out and making the burglar run away. It means that dogs prevent burglars easily.
  • Even dog can catch them and the sharp teethes make burglars stay away. Houses with dogs have less cases of steeling anything. Even the chances of burglar to be caught are way higher than normal.
  • Lots of people train their dogs to stay alert and basically, some of the breeds like Pit-bull, Bulldog and many other are famous for the protection. These are hot blooded breads that are angry and most of burglar afraid from these dogs.

Houses with dogs are way safe from burglar and the same goes for house with CCTV camera. If you are thinking to buy a dog and train then it is a pretty much good decision. Even you will love the company because dogs are funny, lovable, cute sometimes and showing making you feel dog.

The Conclusion

Now you know that dogs can help but sometimes, you can find that dogs bark for no reason in night time. Well, if you are the one who is irritated by barking then there are many products which can help. Basically, the barking dog deterrents or the bark controller is common product highly used.

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