You Can Now Find Us On Amazon!

Handmade at Amazon

I’m ecstatic to announce that you can now find Blue Dasher Crafts on Amazon!!

Amazon recently opened a handmade section of their enormous internet empire, and we were invited to take part in the opening. So far, we have had a wonderful experience with Amazon, and have received far more exposure and sales from the Amazon store than our Etsy shop.

We may eventually move everything over to Amazon and close the Etsy shop, but that’s a long ways off.

Our most popular products on Amazon have been surprising actually. Four different bracelets have sold multiple times. Out of those four, our aquamarine and carnelian bracelet is the most popular:

Aquamarine & Red Carnelian Stretch Bracelet


Our most popular bracelet recently got a matching pair of earrings, which you can find on Amazon, Etsy or here on the blog.

Aquamarine & Carnelian Matching Earrings
I’ll be listing the bracelet and earrings as a set next week, you’ll also be able to buy just the earrings if you prefer.

Listing all of our products on Amazon and even here on the blog shop is time consuming and tedious. So if you prefer to order our products on Amazon, or here on the blog, but can’t find the item you’re looking for rest assured it will be listed soon!

We’re also having a Mother’s Day Sale on both Etsy and Amazon. Use the code CoolMoms to get 25% off your order until May 11, 2016. Be sure to order before May 1st to ensure that your order is delivered to mom on time. Remember every item is made to order!

Wishing You Health and Happiness!


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  1. This is wonderful news, DOM. You’ve really come a long way over the years. You must be so proud. Well done.

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