Life in a Mobile Home

The term mobile home usually conjures up images of stereotypical “trailer park trash” similar to Joy Turner in My Name is Earl. In fact, we watched the four season series twice before we moved into our mobile home just to get into the spirit!

My Nme is Earl

When we were looking for a home, we realized we’d never get our credit cleaned up in time to get a decent mortgage before we had to get out of the rental we were in (we only had 3 months); so we looked for a different solution such as other rentals, for sale by owner etc. Although living in a mobile home was never on the table, mainly because of the whole “trailer” stigma.

But when you’re desperate, you make choices you wouldn’t normally make, and sometimes they lead to changes in your perceptions of life.

This one did just that.

We were down to the wire, and the only options that were available were renting a house in Deland and getting locked into a 1 year lease, attempting to buy the rental we lived in, or buying a trailer a mile up the road that was being financed by the owner.

Granted, buying the trailer locked us into a one year rental agreement with the trailer park, but we’re still in the same town. We didn’t have to move 18 miles to a new city and county, and there wasn’t anything to rent where we currently lived. We, well I, wanted to stay in our current little town. Greg didn’t really care either way. This little town has become home to me though. I love the energy of the town. It’s quiet, people keep to themselves, and it’s really small. So staying here was a priority, which made the mobile home our best option.

We decided to buy the mobile home as the first step in our plan, which is to buy land, move the trailer and live in it while we build our dream home.

Our New Home

But living in a “trailer” isn’t as bad as most might think. It’s definitely not as bad as I thought it was going to be. We bought a mobile home that is actually much nicer than the site-built home we rented. Our new kitchen is actually a lot bigger than the one in the old house. The cabinets look cabinets you’d find in a site-built home, and this “trailer” is from 1991!

We did have to buy our own appliances, so we purchased a glass top stove and refrigerator, both of which are used. The stove works beautifully, but we’re going to have to replace the refrigerator. At any rate, the kitchen is absolutely beautiful, and much nicer than our previous kitchen. Although the wallpaper needs to go. That’s on our home projects to-do list!

Our new kitchen
It’s so big, we can actually fit the dining room table in it, which worked out well because we turned the dining room into my office and crafting area. Unfortunately, my office still needs some organizing! The curtains came with the house, their definitely not something I would’ve picked out. Another thing on that home project to-do list.

My Office

As it turns out, living in a trailer park really isn’t anything like I thought it would be, although I really do miss the extra privacy we had at our old home (due to the extra land the house was on). The trailers here are rather close together, which you would expect in a trailer park, and that means we have no land. But we should only be in the trailer park for a few years while we pay off the trailer and save money for the land we want to buy. So it’s a small sacrifice I think.

Our trailer park isn’t like the one in My Name is Earl though. There are a few people that fit the typical trailer park resident stereotype. But for the most part, the park is retirees, and everyone keeps to themselves, making the park very quiet.

The best part is, we own our own home. Many people may snub their nose at the fact that we live in a trailer. In fact, our previous landlord did when she barged into our porch and proceeded to chastise us for it two days after we moved in. But there really is nothing wrong with owning a trailer. When my parents first started out back in the 1950s, they lived in a trailer, until they could afford to buy a site-built home.

This experience has really changed my whole perception of mobile home living. I am guilty of stereotyping trailer parks and people who live in mobile homes thinking they were trashy rednecks drinking beer and randomly shooting off guns. But as with most stereotypes, the majority of people who live in trailers are not that way. We definitely do not fit the stereotype.

Our Living Room

Although right now, the trailer is a disaster since we’re still organizing everything!

A trailer is just a different type of home to me now, and today mobile homes are built to standards that are higher than most site-built homes due to devastating natural disasters such as Hurricanes Andrew and Charlie. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about as our previous landlord would have us believe. In fact, it’s something to be proud of; we are finally homeowners.

4 Replies to “Life in a Mobile Home”

  1. Nice to have you back, DOM. I thing you new home is adorable. And you have your own studio. Am I jealous? Yes. Yes I am. 🙂

    1. Thanks Phoenix! Its good to be back. The only drawback to owning a home is all the organizing I have to do! LOL But I’ll happily take that over having a landlord again!!

      My stress levels are much lower now, which means I can concentrate on writing again! Yay!! I’m working on an eBook right now on weight loss. I feel like I can actually enjoy life now. Its a wonderful feeling.

      But I do miss my kitties. 😒

    1. Awe, thanks Vanessa!! I tell you what, I enjoyed sharing it because such a burden has been lifted. Its really comforting knowing this is my home. Even if we’re still paying for it lol!! 😁

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