Blue Dasher Crafts New Year’s Goals for 2015

I purchased this planner from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler and I LOVE it!
I purchased this planner from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler and I LOVE it!

I love New Year’s. I get to set new goals, and I get to put my planner together for the year, which is my favorite part. I love picking out new printables and putting together the book that will keep me organized for the year.

This year I put my 2015 planner together with my 2015 blogging planner as well as my 2015 Blue Dasher Crafts planner. I really need to think about getting a bigger binder, things are a bit tight in my favorite pink one!

While I put my planner together, I think about what I want to accomplish during the upcoming year. I came up with quite a few goals for 2015. Here’s what I’m planning for Blue Dasher Crafts this year.

2015 Goals for Blue Dasher Crafts

  1. I also added an Etsy planner that I found on Etsy (ironic huh?) that I just LOVE.
    I also added an Etsy planner that I found on Etsy (ironic huh?) that I just LOVE.

    Plan new projects and make a list of the different yarns and jewelry supplies I’ll need so I can order them when I get my tax refund.

  2. Add a line of gemstone necklaces.
  3. Have a complete line of necklace, bracelet and earring sets.
  4. Add gemstone anklets.
  5. Have over 100 items in the shop by January 31st, and 500 by June 2015.
  6. Finish my spa line.
  7. Have a large selection of winter fashion accessories including boot cuffs, scarves and hats as well as glove and hat sets, scarf and hat sets and shawls and wraps.
  8. Try my hand at making sweaters for the winter fashion line.
  9. Work on baby blankets and afghans for the blanket section of the store.
  10. Include photography prints as an item in the shop, both framed and unframed (instead of just instant downloads).
  11. Be more social on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I have a few personal goals for 2015 as well. You can read more about these on my weight loss blog, but here are a few that I’m really excited about.

2015 Personal Goals

  1. Read 40 books (over 100 pages long) – I’ll be sharing my book list in an upcoming post for those interested.
  2. Read for a minimum of an hour per day.
  3. Make time daily for practicing meditation.
  4. Make time daily for business and personal planning/goal setting.
  5. Lose the last 30 lbs of weight for a total weight loss of 81 lbs.
  6. Make enough money with writing, blogging and the Etsy shop to work a maximum of 3 days at the office.

2015 Writing Goals

  1. Write at least 3 articles a month on Hubpages
  2. Write at least four articles a month for each blog.
  3. Start work on my nonfiction book about the eye.
    1. Create an outline for the book
    2. Start research on newer surgical techniques and treatments
  4. Write 20 articles for clients weekly, instead of 10.

That’s just a few of my goals for the year. I know it seems like a lot, and it definitely is! But I’m hoping these goals are challenging enough to keep me motivated. I’m also going to take each goal and break it down into smaller steps so that it’s not as overwhelming as it looks in this list!

Stay tuned for the books I’ve selected for the 2015 reading challenge. You can also friend me on GoodReads to keep up with all the books I’m adding (and I seem to keep adding daily!). I also have an upcoming post on breaking down your New Year’s Resolutions into bite size chunks and becoming more productive, so look for that post in the coming weeks.

I hope everyone has a very happy, healthy and successful 2015!!

What are your goals for 2015? Is there something you’d like to see in the shop this year? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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