I’m a Sucker for Animals

I am, I admit it. They give me that sad little “help me” look and my heart crumbles. It’s one of the two main reasons I’m vegan.

My own pets have me wrapped around their little paw. They know exactly how to manipulate me, and they are so good at it.

In the past two days, I’ve rescued five different animals from a plight. Many people may consider these animals inconsequential and not worth rescuing. But I can’t help feeling sorry for any animal that gets trapped, injured or is otherwise unable to help itself.

Yesterday, I rescued a tree frog who made the sad mistake of jumping into my house. With six cats, if I hadn’t caught him, he would have been dead in minutes. Shortly after that, I went out with Sam to chase dragonflies, and Sam found a butterfly that couldn’t fly. He could glide, but I think he was too weak to fly. Here’s the butterfly:

He got stuck in our hose, not sure how he managed that, but… Unfortunately, I think this butterfly was quite old, and I’m not sure any help I gave him would have saved his life. But I didn’t want my daughter to feel as if helping him wasn’t worth the effort, so I did what I could. The little guy crawled onto my hand and seemed grateful for any help I gave him.

I swear he was giving me puppy dog eyes in the picture above!

I tend to have a lot of empathy for animals, and I can usually feel what they feel. I know it sounds weird, but chalk it up to my pagan ways. I felt this butterfly was quite hungry, since he was unable to fly where he wanted to, so I traipsed all over my yard trying to find him a good flower. I put him on my rose bush, and he got is little proboscis out and started looking for nectar.

Unfortunately, I think all the other butterflies in the area picked that one clean, because he quickly stopped. So I picked him up again.

The wind was so strong however, it blew him into my neighbors yard, right near a lizard!

Sam yelled, “Mommy, that lizard is going to eat him!”

“Not after all that effort I’ve put in, he isn’t”

So I went into my neighbor’s yard and scooped him up again, this time putting my hand over him so he wouldn’t get caught up in the wind again. This time, I knew exactly where to put him.

On the side of our home is what most people would call an infestation of Lantana weeds. But I think they are really pretty despite the fact that they stink. They also attract butterflies, bees and dragonflies.

I carried the butterfly over to the Lantana and placed him on a flower. He immediately found nectar and started drinking it furiously.

We left him there, and I told Sam we’d come out and check on him later. When we did check on him, he was gone. So either something ate him, or he was able to fly away. He was too low to the ground to glide anywhere.  I told Sam he flew away. 😀

Then today, I rescued two more tree frogs and a lizard from my cats. But the rescue I’m most proud of (today anyway) is the red corn snake. I love all animals, but I have a real soft spot for dragonflies and reptiles, especially lizards and snakes.

This little guy, somehow trapped himself under my porch door. This door has one of those liner thingys at the bottom (I know, real technical term there) and he was stuck halfway under that and his other half was curled up in the door jam.

My husband is usually a patient man, but he had to go to the bank and it was getting late, so he was getting impatient with me. He kept opening and shutting the door, and saying he was a “goner.” Well, sorry, but he didn’t look dead yet. So I told him to stop shutting the door and let me think.

I’m not sure he was happy with that.

After I was able to take a second to assess the situation, I found a stick on the porch and used it to try to pull the part of his body that was in the door jam out. Well he wasn’t having that, and slithered even further under the door.

So I poked him (gently of course) underneath the liner thingy, and he started moving around. He had enough room underneath the door to move, but because our stoop slopes down from the porch to the driveway, the one part of the door he was stuck under actually rubbed against the cement, which I think is how he got stuck.

Anyway, I finally poked him enough to get him to turn around and slither out from underneath the door. Unfortunately, he ended up in our porch.

We used a large piece of cardboard to push him in the right direction, which was out of our porch and into the grass outside. It was a good thing I used the board too, because he was not happy when I started pushing him around. He started lunging at the board trying to bite it. I thought it was really cute. 🙂 I knew he wasn’t trying to attack me because I sensed fear in him; his attacks were defense, or so he thought. He just wasn’t sure what I was trying to do.

Here’s a great shot of the snake just before I got him out.

And that ladies and gentleman, is the story of all the animals I rescued this week. With all the animal cruelty going on in the world, at least I know I’m doing my part in actually helping the animals by not eating them, and rescuing them whenever I see them in trouble.

Yep, I’m totally a sucker for animals, but I’m proud of that! 😀

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