A Statement of Accomplishment

On Thursday, I received an email stating that the Certificate of Completion for my Medical Neuroscience class was available. I was so excited, I immediately clicked the link and downloaded the pdf file. After staring at it for a few minutes, I decided to print it.

It sat on my desk for about 24 hours before I decided what I wanted to do with it. Instead of keeping it safe in a page protector and putting it in my Medical Neuroscience notebook, I decided to frame it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have an extra frame laying around, and since I didn’t have the funds (or a car!) to go out and buy one, I repurposed one that was holding an inspirational word collage.

I wasn’t happy about losing the word collage because like I said, it was inspirational, but I thought in the end, this Certificate of Completion was really a statement of accomplishment and provided more inspiration than the collage ever could. I proceeded to clean the glass, which was filthy (how does the glass of a picture frame get dirty on the inside?), and then put the certificate in the frame. I hung it on the wall above my white board, which sits right next to my desk so that I can look up and remind myself that I took a class from Duke University’s medical school and not only passed, but just missed with distinction by 9.7 points. Pretty inspirational don’t you think?


Statement of Accomplishment
My Statement of Accomplishment… I’m so proud!

This little piece of paper has been so inspiring, and yes, I know the last name is wrong, but that’s a long story. I’ve actually been motivated to workout, as well as homeschool Sam. I’ve been crocheting like crazy and even got a bit ahead in my writing!

I also finished crocheting a hat!

I Crocheted a Hat!
It’s a sun hat!

What I’m most proud of, however, is that I actually worked out three days in a row!! 😀

So here’s my progress report for the past week, and what a crazy week it has been.

Weekly Goals Progress Report

Make $200 This Week

  • Write as many product descriptions as possible
  • List stuff on Etsy and Ebay
  • Write more hubs
  • Write reviews and list coupons on Knoji
  • Write for various websites

Lose 60lbs by Winter

  • Try to workout five times a week, three times minimum
  • Drink more water
  • Log all food in MFP
  • Go to bed on time so I can workout in the am
  • Limit snacks and tea

Spend More Time Writing

  • Find more client work
  • Write two hubs
  • Create a writing schedule
  • Plan, write and pre-schedule MWDOM and KWL blog posts

Increase Blog and Hub Traffic

  • Write posts for MWDOM daily
  • Write posts for KWL four times a week (minimum)
  • Post daily updates on both FB pages
  • Engage more on FB pages
  • Join more link ups
  • Schedule time to read and comment on more blogs

Take Time to Relax

  • Create a work schedule with a set begin and end time
  • Actually finish the work day (unplug)
  • Start cross stitch project
  • Try to make time to meditate
  • Go outside and take pics more often
  • Crochet more often

I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. But the car problem (which still isn’t fixed) really put a damper on my productivity… until I got my statement of accomplishment!!! Yeah-ya!!! 😀

I’ve also decided that today, I need to rethink my goals. I need to be more specific about what I want and why. I need to turn the above goals list, which is really more of a “to-do” list, into real, measurable goals with steps to take to reach them. Monday, you should see a big difference in my goals list. I hope.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July and holiday weekend!!

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