Getting Organized Series: Clearing the Clutter

I was supposed to write a post about my car today, that Julie DeNeen inspired by her post yesterday.

But with the impending inspection coming up, we’ve been cleaning the hell out of the house.

I’m so tired…

While we’re cleaning, we’re also going through our stuff and getting rid of the junk. I still really want to be a minimalist. We started this process yesterday, ironically on April Fool’s day. We have several boxes, garbage bags and a porch full of all the junk we’re throwing out.

Our trash-filled front porch.
Our trash-filled front porch.


That’s not even all of it. Most of this stuff is from the shed. Plus there’s a bunch of furniture on the porch that we want to throw out. Our Waste Management company doesn’t offer the dumpster service out here, so we’re not sure how we’re going to get rid of all of it. But we have to before Friday.

We did make some progress on tidying up the living room in preparation of the carpet shampoo we plan on doing. I swear, it looks like we just moved in to the house!!

Most of this is sorted through and ready to be donated, or thrown out.


This is what we organized!
This is what we organized!

I finally got all Sam’s homeschooling stuff organized. I stole Sam’s book case out of her room (she didn’t have enough books to fill it up, so we gave her a smaller one), and made the top shelf all Sam’s homeschooling, the second shelf is all my crochet, knit and cross stitch books, and the bottom shelf is printer paper, the warranty binder, and scrapbooking magazines. I still have to find places for all the stuff we plan on selling, as well as the stuff for the classes I’m taking. But it’s a start!

A close up of the new book case, I'm so proud!
A close up of the new book case, I’m so proud!

We’re still not done obviously, but we’ve made a lot of progress. I also got all the walls in the bathroom wiped down, as well as the door jams and the baseboards. We have hard water, so the condensation that builds up in the bathroom tends to stain the walls.  But they are all clean now!! I did most of the ceiling too, but Greg will have to finish it because I’m not supposed to hold my head back like that with my neck injury. I shouldn’t have done it at all, but I was in cleaning mode…

There’s still so much to do!!

We have until Friday, at 12 noon, but I’m hoping to be done Thursday night. I’m not so worried about the clutter, there’s not much the landlord can do about clutter as long as it’s not causing damage, a fire hazard, or health risk. But unfortunately, to get to the areas we need to clean, we have to get the clutter out of the way. We also have quite a few repairs to make, like:

  • A new medicine cabinet for the bathroom
  • Calking around the bathtub
  • The extra door to the garage (the glass fell out of the track!)
  • Replace a few panels of screen on the porch
  • Replace the sliding screen door

Some of the stuff is just because of the age of the house. But the majority of the work is cleaning.

I’ll be so happy once this is all done. If all goes well, I think it’ll make it much easier for me to think clearly and allow me to get back to writing. It’s hard to string sentences together when you’re worried about clutter and cleaning!

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  1. Ugh I hate organizing and repairing and getting rid of stuff, but wow, when the end result is in sight, awesome. Of course, if you’re like me, it’ll be a mess again before you finish the next room. 😉

    1. I know what you mean! I still have to clean the bedroom, and all the stuff that I wasn’t sure what to do with ended up in there… Now I have to bring all that stuff back out… and yup, living room is a mess again… lol UGH!!! It does feel good to get rid of stuff though!!

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